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Welcome to the Sheffield / Lowe
Family Web Site

About this site...

This web site is dedicated to Franklin Richard Sheffied Sr. (1924-1994).

Contained herein is a considerable amount of historical and current information about two families and their extended families. Specifically, the Sheffield family, who settled in Collingwood, Ontario in the mid 1800's, the Lowe family, who came from Barbados in 1921, shortly after World War One, to settle in Glace Bay Nova Scotia.

I came about this world like this. Abraham Sheffield, one of the first Sheffields born in Canada, fathered a son named Abrim who had a son named W. Richard Sr. who sired my grandfather, Wilfred Sr. (1897-1967). Wilfred Sr. had a son named Franklin Sr. (1924-1994) who was my father. My mother, Jasmine, was a first generation Canadian born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia to Evelyn & Joseph Lowe, who came from Barbados, West Indies.

All of the above mentioned people had several other children, both male and female, and some of those children had children and so on. A lot of these people, relatives of mine, are mentioned in this site.

Historically, in the Sheffield family, it has been traditional to name the first son of any household after his father. I hope this tradition doesn't confuse you. If it does, don't bother reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude". Great book, but what a challenge!

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Franklin Richard Sheffield Jr.

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